Buyer persona: who is the ideal customer?

Imagine yourself in a situation where you have finally started a business and slowly but surely realize a long-dreamed idea. You have started step by step and now you are facing a great challenge of marketing and promoting your products and services. Who are they for? Who wants to buy them? Who will you offer them to? What if no one notices them?

Your products will be available to a wide range of people on a daily basis. However, you will notice that they do not keep the attention of everyone who visits your internet address or social networks. What is needed before starting promotional activities is to determine who you are contacting at all. You want to capture the attention and keep people who buy, use, and show interest in your products and services. Understanding them is the basis for building other promotional activities and strategies.

What is the magic formula that will attract people who can hardly say “no” to you? It is not about any magic formula or equation but about defining the buyer persona

What is the purpose of the buyer persona?

Its definition will become one of the main backbones of your business that directs you towards the goal. To begin with, it is necessary to answer the question of what and who is hiding behind this concept. The buyer persona is an imaginary or fictitious customer. It is a generalized image of the ideal customer who, through their interests, education, demographics, needs, desires, and behavior, makes a representation of your customers. By observing it on this individual, micro-level we actually get the opportunity to understand the macro-segment of the target audience. It is almost always easier to start from an individual in order to understand the whole. Especially when it is representative of all those key elements for your business

Defining a buyer persona serves as our main guideline when planning, creating, but also distributing content. It helps us determine the content and the manner and time of its publication.

Since we create content for it, defining and knowing our buyer persona helps us to improve marketing activities, and thus the overall business

Its characteristics will guide and determine the style of our writing. Our tone of voice will be received by the one who is closest and most adapted to our buyer persona. In this way, communication is facilitated and we are given the opportunity for a more direct marketing approach.

Creating a buyer persona actually means recognizing what our customers really want. This knowledge is applicable at almost all levels of business, from communication and interaction to the design and improvement of the products themselves. We are here to give customers what they want. Why miss the opportunity to hear them and listen to them? That is why the buyer persona is one of the most useful marketing tools. However, how to create it?

How to create your buyer persona?

We have already started this topic a bit by mentioning how the buyer persona makes an individual that represents the whole, your customers. The best way to create it is to interact or talk to them. In this way, you will gather the most direct, accurate, and useful information that will help you get to know your audience, potential customers, and then the buyer person himself.

In the sea of ​​information obtained, it is necessary to find certain similarities and connections that represent the characteristics of your buyer persona. It is necessary to define:

demographics and behavior – gender, age, income, job, place of residence, hobbies…
identity – your buyer persona is a fictional character, giving her a name and appearance you get the feeling that it is a real customer
online and offline behavior – what your buyer person likes, reads, buys, google, researches, listen, visit… 
its needs are your offer – find a way to solve its problem or fulfill a wish and need 
the right time – perhaps the most difficult but crucial part of the whole process is to define the exact moment in which the buyer persona makes the decision to buy
the right place – at that point offer your product (which solves the problem, the need, or fulfills the desire)

When creating a buyer persona, do not hesitate to use different and available templates. They can make your job much easier, but they can also focus your attention on what really matters in the sea of ​​gathered information.

Can we be wrong?

When creating a buyer persona, a situation often occurs in which we gather a large amount of information and we are not sure which one to focus on. A big mistake happens when we focus on the extensive description. It is very difficult in the sea of ​​information to discern the real ones. Instead of focusing on an unnecessary and broad description, it is necessary to pay attention to those characteristics that are important for our business. They will give us the answer to how to provide the customer with the best possible product.

In addition, it is important to avoid one of the most common pitfalls when creating a buyer persona, assumption. When we assume and imagine we do not have a complete and true picture of our target audience. We attribute characteristics to it based on assumptions that lead us to the untrue or wrong image of the buyer persona. In that case, the results of our business will differ greatly in relation to our expectations.

The good thing is that all these situations can be avoided very easily. Your audience is here. Listen, communicate and ask. Contact us for help, we’ll listen together!