High-Intent Channels

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

Digital Advertising has largely been driven by the fast development of internet companies such as Google and Facebook during the last decade.
Having deeply integrated into our lives, they have offered auction-like advertisement ecosystems. They auction Certainty.
The median return of online PPC advertisement is 200%, or give $1, get $2 in return.

We help you
Capitalize your investment.

High-Intent Visitors

The PPC advertisement channels are called High-intent. This is because you can target audiences who intend to spend money.

Revenue Tap

A creative campaign will unlock your business' digital potential. Sometimes it's so effective it can be regarded as a plug-and-play strategy.

Landing Pages

Advertising campaigns serve one purpose - to bring more business your way. Landing pages for each campaign will ensure a better conversion percentage.

Email Marketing Immersion

Making use of all marketing channels is an advantage. Nurture your audience further and set to drive conversions with future campaigns.

Fast turnaround

A well-thought strategy will start giving quantifiable positive results in about a week. Over time, we can optimize the campaigns for even better ROI.

Campaign Timeline

PPC Process Explained

Step 1.

Initial Stage

Well, what's the Budget? We set some realistic goals to hit, research keywords and set up the accounts.

Step 2

Campaign Building

We form keyword & ad groups and create relevant landing pages to maximise advertising efforts.

Step 3


We set and configure tracking links and conversions. Optimization of maximum CPC for optimal auction shares.

Step 4

Optimization & Tinkering

We add or remove keywords based on available data and tweak the max CPC for some keywords. If needed, we discuss remarketing implementation.


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