Email Marketing


Fine-tuned Campaigns

Our ability to create a full-scale email strategy will come as an asset to a business, irrelevant from the industry.
Be it searching for new distributors for your products, offering promotions or giving out free e-books, email marketing will serve you long and well.

We deliver

Loyalty Programmes

Want to really stand out? Rewards = retention = more sales!

Landing Pages

Email Marketing serves one purpose - to bring more business your way. Landing pages for each campaign will make the conversion more convenient.

Webinar set-up

Webinars can offer a great peer audience increase and are best for building business connections.

Recurring Purchases

The cost of recurring conversions is much lower than attaining new customers. Nurture your customer base!

GDPR Compliant

Since data is the most valuable currency on the internet, we ensure that the newsletters are fully GDPR compliant.

Project Timeline

Our All-Inclusive Approach

Step 1.

Gathering the emails

What's an Email Marketing campaign without emails? There are many strategies on collecting them, we pick a few and continue to the next step when the time is right.

Step 2

Database Growth

When the projected benefits from the campaign outweigh the costs, it's time to send out the first emails.

Step 3

Landing Pages

Landing Pages can drastically improve your conversion rates. This is where your website's potential comes into play.

Step 4

Well, that's done!

At the end of each campaign, we gather the available data (from conversions we set up) and send a report on how successful the campaign was!


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