Social Media Marketing


Customer-focused Approach

Client consultation comes first. We need to understand your current position on the market, client acquisition, conversion points and goals.
We tailor the strategy based upon your budget and needs and scale it up with time.

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Creative Design

We are using the latest software tools to achieve the desired impact, all while maintaining a clear brand vision with an engaging design.

Strategic approach

Market and competition research allow us to draw the path to short, medium and long-term goals for your business social media strategy.

Audience targeting

Our audience insights from analytics allow for efficient ad targeting or remarketing, increasing ROI on-the-go.

Persona creation

By designing the perfect advertising personas we can fully utilize the tools available on the market.


We provide transparent report at the end of each month to monitor and better understand the whole strategy process.

Sale conversions

Total overall engagement and conversion numbers matter the most. As we progress, our monthly results improve as well.

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Project Timeline

Our All-Inclusive Approach

Step 1.

Gathering Information

Every piece of information is valuable. In essence, the clients are the best sources of it.
We go through market and competitor research to find out relevant terms and learn more about your line of work as a whole.
In the end of this phase we propose a viable social media strategy.

Step 2

Content Creation

Functioning on a weekly schedule basis, we know upfront what, when and how the content will be released, as well as the ad budget and audience that goes with it.
All of our clients have access to the social media content planner.

Step 3

Analytics and Reports

We use the information that analytics provide us to measure and refine our strategy.
All of this is in order to give you the highest ROI and the best bang-for-buck advertising.


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